A Brief History of Mann


I was born in Sierra Leone a former British Protectorate in West Africa. I am a British Subject by birth (since everybody asks). Under retrospective legislation passed by the Sierra Leone Government I do not hold Sierra Leonean citizenship (your grandparents have to be born there or something). However the British Government does not recognise retrospective legislation therefore in their eyes I have dual nationality. Confused? I am!

Despite my exotic origins I have lived nearly all my life in Oxfordshire, England. From 1964-1973 in Kingham, from 1973-1985 in Chipping Norton, from 1985-1988 in Hook Norton and from 1988 to the present in Hook Norton.

I attended Chipping Norton School from 1973 to 1980 and followed this with an Engineering degree at Oxford Polytechnic (now Oxford Brookes University. In 1998 I achieved the status of Incorporated Engineer and was admitted as a Member of the Institute of Incorporated Engineers. For 14 years I was a senior electronic engineer at Menvier in Banbury but sadly the company, despite being the European market leader in its field, suffered the all too common fate of being bought up and closed down by Americans. I am now in temporary work as a technician.

In August 1995 I was married to Adrienne who in 1996 gained a First in Art for Society at Wolverhampton University After a year working in the library at Alcan Laboratories she now has the job of looking after our daughter Alissa Sarah, born on May 11th 1998.


See the links page for other pages on subjects that interest me. I have long been interested in Railways and am guard and fireman on the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway . I am also secretary of Chipping Norton Railway Club).

I am researching the history of telephone and telegraph services in North Oxfordshire and on the practical side, engaged in the construction of my own Strowger electro-mechanical telephone exchange.


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