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Updated 18th March 2013

This page is intended to provide links to pages on subjects I find interesting

Tunnels and other "Holes in the Ground"

Subterranea Britannica If you're interested in disused tunnels, air raid shelters, nuclear bunkers and the like you must join this organisation!

Old Telephones

Light Straw Strowger Telephone Exchange pages. Interesting details on electromechanical exchanges and the BT network. Includes information on joining the Telecomms Heritage Group.
Strowger Telecomms Page. Full details, pictures and diagrams on the workings of Strowger telephone exchanges. Recommended.
History of the telegraph in Communication
The Telegraph Office American pages relating to the history of the telegraph industry. Loads of links, I've yet to check them all out myself.
The Colussus Rebuild Not strictly an "old telephones" item although there is a connection. The fascinating project to rebuild the worlds first computer at Bletchley Park.
Telecommunications Heritage Group
Telegraph Instruments of Europe
Telegraphy - Fons Vanden Berghen

Chipping Norton

A hopefully comprehensive list of Chippy related links. If you go off and do your own search you will discover there is another Chipping Norton in Australia!
Ex-Chippy School page. The rapidly-growing directory of former Chippy School pupils. Please add your email address.
Oxcis Oxfordshire wide information pages.
Motorcycles, Mice and Galaxians. Chippy resident Alan Billington's home page.
Magny-en-Vexin Stephane Turnier's pages about Chippy's twin town.
The Theatre. Chipping Norton Theatre.

Pirate Radio Links

The Pirate Radio Page