Telephone exchanges of the South Midlands

Pages updated 16th August 1999

THAMES VALLEY FM INTERVIEW - On Tuesday the 10th August I was interviewed by Thames Valley FM as a result of them coming across this website. I was interviewed by phone. Ironically, since we were discussing telephones, my phone line was suffering an insulation fault following heavy rain and I spent the interview terrified that my voice would vanish under the crackling and hissing! In the event I got through it safely but it was the last call made on the line before it failed totally. BT didn't manage to repair it until the following Sunday so if you tried to ring me as a result of the interview I can only apologise that you met with continual busy tone. Please try again (01608 737117) or send me an e-mail.

The exchanges shown on this page serve an area hard to define geographically which includes parts of Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire. The common factor is that they are all dependant exchanges of Banbury (0295) or Chipping Norton (0608). A variety of standard building types are encountered and often the original small brick building has been supplemented by a larger add on to cater for the continual increase in telephone subscribers. Ironically, the scrapping of the Strowger electromechanical system in favour of new digital equipment means the extra space is now unneccesary

I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has worked on any of these exchanges or who can give me any information on their history. E-mail me at

To select an exchange, click on any of the names highlighted in blue on the Chipping Norton Dialling Instructions for 1974. (Text alternative)

Plain text exchange list

Edge Hill
Fenny Compton
Great Tew
Little Cherington
Wroxton St.Mary